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Why Choose Buyer Representation?

Until recently, real estate agents always represented the seller, not the buyer, in real estate transactions. Even the real estate agent who drove you from house to house looking at properties was not working on your behalf. By law, the agent was always required to get the highest price and best terms possible — FOR THE SELLER!

Recent market developments have caused all this to change, as more and more real estate agents and companies are offering to represent the buyer in the real estate transaction. You can now have an agent specifically committed to representing you, from the initial selection of properties, to the contract negotiations, to the settlement table.

How do you get a real estate agent to represent you the buyer?... BY SIGNING A BUYER’S REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT with your agent.

Whether you’re a first time buyer or an experienced buyer, it is good to know that your real estate agent has your best interests in mind as you select a home.

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