Bridge Loans | Buying a Home before Selling Current Home


Are you wanting to buy a new home but haven't sold you current home?  A bridge loan may be your answer.  Below is information from Peoples Bank on how bridge loans work. 


  • Bridge Loans are used to bridge the gap of equity between the house the borrower currently lives in and the one that they are purchasing in a case where the current home will not be sold prior to the closing on the new home being bought.

  • An appraisal gets done on the current home to obtain a value as well as title work done to make sure of what liens are present.  The bridge loan becomes an additional lien on the property.  So there are fees to a bridge loan.

  • The borrower can receive up to 80% of the value of the current home, minus any monies currently owed on the property.  The bank occasionally will lend up to 90% on a case by case deal.

  • The bridge loan is set up for 12 months with interest only payments due until the note is paid in full.

  • The bridge loan money is then used towards the down payment and closing costs on the new home being bought.

  • The bridge loan is closed at the title company a few days prior to closing on the new home so the funds will be available on closing day of the new home.

  • Once the current house sells, the original loan (if there is one) plus the bridge loan are paid first and then any leftover money is distributed to the borrower.


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The above information on bridge loans was provided by Lacie Walton with Peoples Bank:


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